Wakhal - About Us

WAKHAL enables to connect your community. Share valuable input, experience and knowledge and help in the growth of your community.

  • Provide a platform where updated information will be available to be referred by your own community youth and gain benefit and practical knowledge.
  • Facilitate parental or big brother like support to needy youth.
  • Provide a cost-effective solution for the basic daily needs.
  • Bring an awareness of what is happening in the modern cities and at the global scenario.
  • Stay connected to make a united voice for any good cause.
  • Crowd funding and collect donations.
  • Practice and participate online test and examinations.
  • Digital Media Distribution and Marketplace.

WAKHAL’s Belief:

When any good or bad thing happens to our own family, it affects us more compared to something happening in other’s family/community. If we agree to this, then we should start to learn various case studies and try to know about our own people’s success/failure stories.

Many of your community elders have become experienced persons from trial and error methods, which in fact is a great disadvantage.

If our new generation can find a way to be able to connect with our elders who have experienced and understood from their practical knowledge, then the youth can benefit a lot. If guidance is available to the needy youth when required, then it’s a benefit for the society.