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Job Title: Firmware Developer

Eligible Qualification: BE/MCA/MCS/Phd in Computer Science

Salary: Best Salary as per standard

Job Type: Probation to Permanent
Experience Required: 3 - 5 years in similar role given below
How to Appy: Send your updated resume as word/pdf at resume at with subject line Firmware Developer

General Description :

This job is responsible for DSP software design and implementation of 3GPP (4G and 5G) physical layer signal processing algorithm. According to 3GPP standard the engineer needs to come up with high level function design of given signal processing flows and deliver cycle optimized DSP code using specific SIMD and Intrinsic instructions available in commercial DSPs. It is crucial that the engineer has deep understanding on communication theory and communication algorithms such as OFDMA/MIMO. This job mandates good knowledge about DSP micro-architecture and cycle optimization techniques.

Necessary Skills / Attributes :

  • Experience of development related to modem for macro Base Station(BS)
  • Knowledge of wireless communication theory
  • Hands-on experience with LTE channel coding (PUSCH, PUCCH, PRACH, EPDCCH, PDSCH, Turbo encoder and etc.)
  • Performance optimization and resolving problem ability for complex HW & SW system
  • Should be familiar with DSPs (like Tensilica DSP, CEVA DSP, TI DSP, Freescale DSP, Modem, SDR)
  • Should have good understanding physical layer communications
  • Should have practical exposure to LTE, LTE-Advanced, 5G

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